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    Tianying Mechanical Seals Co.,Ltd.  is a mechanical seal manufacturing enterprises, specializing in the production of mechanical seals, Atmorpheric sintered carbide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, carbon graphite, alumina ceramic, rubber products and other so on. Now we have developed 80 series, more than 1000 kinds of models,  for middle and light mechanical seals. Our products sold throughout the country, even exported to europe. America, Southeast,Asiam countries and regions.

    We are always strictly  accordance to  the relevant national technical standards and requirements, and products adhere to quality improvement and product innovation, and provide all kinds of customized products, in order to meet the actual needs from customers,  in order to implement the good of factor cero defection.

    We always believe that only with outstanding quality, satisfactory customer service and continuous innovation and R & D, So that we can become ete

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